Event Rules

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SWWRA Event Etiquette

1. While in camp or barracks area, respect the right of privacy of other campers.

2. The use or possession of Alcohol/ illegal drugs is cause for immediate expulsion from the event. The park does not allow the use of Alcohol on its grounds.

3. Deliberate failure to follow an event's posted or announced rules can and/or will lead to expulsion from the association and from other future SWWRA events.

4. Do not use profanity, slander, or libelous statements in correspondence to convey any threat, implied or real, to any member. As a rule, the use of the word “farb” or “farby” as a term of slander against another reenactor or unit within the SWWRA association is prohibited.

5. It is the responsibility of all members and units present at any event to stand for and pass safety and authenticity inspections.

6. As a courtesy, keep late night activities at public and private tactical events reasonable.

7. Unit commanders shall be responsible for the behavior of all members in their unit. Unit commanders shall be responsible for all minors in their unit.

8. Keep all campsites and barracks policed and secure.

9.  Do not leave campfires unattended.

10. Do not argue over the calling of "hits" at a tactical event.

11.  The US Flag shall always be displayed or flown higher than other flags at a public event.

12. When appropriate at a public event, the US flag shall be saluted or acknowledged by reenactors in a manner consistent with proper flag etiquette.

13. No WWII German "Nazi" flag; that is, the red, white and black national or battle flag with the Hakenkreuz (swastika) shall be flown at public or tactical events. However, eventorganizers MAY, at their discretion, allow the use of German vehicle panels (one-sided, with grommets at each corner) on vehicles as an aircraft recognition device, ONLY if appropriate to the scenario. Panels must be tied down in correct fashion to the vehicle in question. Individual German unit flags, signs or signal flags, so long as they do not contain the Hakenkreuz or other potentially offensive symbols, may be displayed at the discretion of the event organizer.