US Authenticity

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·        Helmet, M1 or M2 (Para) 

·        Wool Knit Cap, or service caps.

·        Undershirt, Cotton – Either a period style Tank-Top, or T-Shirt.  We request that participants refrain from using Modern US Army Brown T-Shirts. Tea died t-shirts are acceptable!

·        Wool Shirt, Mustard Shade, M1938 or M1942

·        Wool Trousers, Mustard Shade or HBT Trousers,

·         M1941 Jacket, M43, Tanker's Jacket, and Wool Overcoats.

·        Web Waist Belt,

·        Service or Para Shoes (Roughout or Cap Toe)

·        Leggings


·        Pack, M1928 or Suspenders M1936 and Musette Bag – Packs must have contents in them, whether they be authentic or lightweight filler.

·        Cartridge Belt or Pistol belt and appropriate ammunition pouches

·        Canteen and Cover

·        First Aid Pouch

·        Light Weight Gasmask Bag (3-snap gasmask bag)  or Assault Gasmask bag

·        Edged weapon appropriate for role or weapon carried.

·        Gas Detection Brassard


·        M1 Garand

·        M1 Carbine without bayonet lugs

·        Thompson Sub Machine Gun, Full Auto or Semi Auto.  Must be in “Short Barrel” configuration. 

·        M1903 Springfield ( must contact event host to carry)

  • .45  Colt Pistol
  • BAR
  • .30 Cal or .50cal Maching gun