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Authenticity Guidelines

Basic Uniform Outline:

 Authenticity Guidelines Basic Uniform Outline:

1. You must have a helmet on in a combat zone. Unless you have a medical reason, but must first obtain permission from the event staff.  Or if your unit did not wear helmets or wore it with a Bret for an example British Para or British Commandos.

2. Wool uniforms are required! No summer uniforms!

3. Weapons must be Pre-Feb 1945. No Eastern Front Weapons! No captured weapons!

4. Please get your hair cut to within WW2 military regulations (at least off the collar, not shaggy) and facial hair groomed to within regulation. Facial hair needs to be 5 days or less. Clean shaved is best!

5. No Pacific uniforms!

Any questions about all this please contact the event staff!

German Impressions Pre- Feb 1945

These forces are encouraged to come:

German Heer, Volksturm, Fallschirmjagers, and SS.

No Other Axis Impressions Allowed!!!

Allied Impressions Pre- Feb 1945

These Forces are Encouraged:

US Army Forces, 101st Airborne, 6th Airborne Div. All forces that were in the battle are welcomed!
Partisan forces must notify the event staff before coming!

Any questions about all this please contact the event host!