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 Uniform (M36, 37, 40, 43,44 Feldgrau wool Tunic
M37, M40, 43 Feldgrau wool Trousers
Mouse gray for heer or brown for SS service shirt
Feldgrau wool service cap in Camp, but out in the field you must have on a M35, M40, or M42 helmet! THIS IS A MUST! If you can not wear a helmet please contact me asap!
Jackboots or low boots with leggings.
Feldgrau wool overcoat M36, M40, M42

Uniforms must have the proper insignia unique to Wehrmacht Forces of WW 2. 
SS troops may use Dot44 tunic & trousers, field made tunic & trousers in SS camo, Type 38 and 40 smocks, type 1 & 2 helmet covers.  FJ’s may wear appropriate camo for this battle also.

M35,M36,M40, 42 Steel helmet)
Leather "Y" straps, 2 Black Pebble Ammo Pouches, Bread bag, Canteen, Mess Kit, Shovel straight or the folding with cover, Bayonet with leather frog, Gas Mask can, Shelter quarter, 

Heer Camouflage smocks and Splinter Pattern,  Tan and Water, or any other camouflage  can be worn but must be over a WOOL TUNIC! We must be able to see a WOOL tunic under the Cammo!

Optional Equipment: Of course any other equipment that would have been carried or used on Battle of the Bulge such as Binoculars, Range Finders, Field-phones, ammunition crates, water cans, ammo cans, camouflage netting, sandbags, etc, are encouraged.  

Axis Weapons:   K98 Mauser, Gewehr 41, Gewehr 43, Gewehr VZ24 (SS only), Gewehr 29/40 (SS only), Gewehr 33/40 (Gebergs only), Gr.G.Pzgr.40, MP 34 (SS only), MP 35 (SS only), MP 38A, MP 40, StG 44, Panzerbuchse 38, MG 34, MG 42, ZB 26 (Czech), FG42, Luger, P-38, or the broomstick. 
No Captured weapons.

Other Impressions: Officers, Medics, Observers, Gunners, Dispatch Riders, etc. are to ensure that their impressions are correct and meet authenticity standards. Eye-wear: If you wear corrective lenses, it is recommended that you wear the proper time period eye wear (with impact resistant lenses) or use contact lenses.Wristwatches, cameras etc: If watches are not time period, please do not wear them during the event. Camera use must adhere to event policy. 


You will be told to change! THIS IS WINTER!!!! 

If you have any questions about the rules and uniform guidlines, please contact me at