Safety Guidelines

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Safety Guidelines


Re-enacting is a strenuous hobby not recommended for those with physical conditions that limit this type of activity. If a participant has a heart condition or other ailment that may stop him or her from participating, the participant should consult a doctor before coming to an event. Participants are responsible for verifying their own health.
2. Be aware of insects, reptiles, mosquitoes, poison ivy, poison oak, and other hazards of the wild. Take appropriate preventive care and action.

3. The use or possession of illegal drugs is cause for immediate expulsion from the SWWRA.

4. Deliberate failure to follow an event's posted or announced rules can and/or will lead to expulsion from the association and from other future SWWRA events.

5. Do not leave campfires unattended.

6. Keep all campsites and barracks policed and secure.

7. Unit commanders shall be responsible for the behavior of all members in their unit. Unit commanders shall be responsible for all minors in their unit.

8. As a courtesy, keep late night activities at public and private tactical events reasonable.

9. Treat all firearms as if they were loaded and ready to fire. Do not leave them where the public can have easy access to them without supervision. Unload weapons not in use. Most important of all, use your head and prevent unsafe situations from occurring. Always maintain control of your weapon.  Use utmost discretion allowing any member of the public access to your firearm.  Allowing children to handle your weapon is not appropriate.  In rough going or vehicles use your weapon safety or its functional equivalent (e.g., closed bolt) to help prevent accidental discharges.10. No direct fire of any firearm shall be permitted within fifty (20)  feet of anyone. Make sure that the area in front of you is clear of other participants.

11. No live ammunition will be permitted at any reenactment or other SWWIIRA  event. Not on your person, not in your trunk, not in your tent. A participant will be ejected from the event for this offense. No wood tipped blanks, fired from an unrestricted weapon, are to be used in any SWIIRA events.  Weapons intending to use wood tipped blanks will be inspected and approved on a case by case basis. No shotguns, military or otherwise, are allowed for use in any activity where blank ammunition is expended.  Shotguns are permitted for display only.

12. All blank fire adapters shall be safe, sturdy and approved by the SWWIIRA Safety Officer. All such blank adapters shall be kept in clean, unobstructed condition

13. Under no circumstances are participants allowed to engage in simulated close quarters fighting; i.e., hand-to-hand combat.

14. Knives and bayonets shall be sheathed, except for cooking, use as tools, for digging or for staged photographs. Other edged weapons not otherwise covered herein must have the pre-approval of the safety officer.  Under NO circumstances are edged weapons to be handled by the public at ANY time for ANY reason.